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After 4 weeks of following Dr. Bergstrom’s recommendations it felt like magic. I’m sleeping better. I have energy in the morning and I lost weight easily.
— Kristie

Functional Medicine starts with you!  Our job is to help you take control of your health and get your life back by guiding you and working as a team with you. We hear your story, and together we dig deep to find the true cause of your illness and pain. We don’t just treat your symptoms—we combine your personal story with state­-of-­the-­art lab testing, science-proven methods, education and a team approach to help you achieve the optimum health you deserve.  

Our mission is to light a path for you. Our team will guide you, show you the steps, and provide the tools and knowledge you need to create your optimum health.

Your journey begins with a nutrition program, customized supplements, mentoring, coaching and a team focused on your health to get to the root of your problem. Together, we work on right fitness and creating a healthy environment. As we create a program for your body to heal we also teach you how to apply these principles for a lifetime of true health.

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“Hi, my name is Christina and I’d like to let you in on a little secret: I have some lofty goals. I know that there is a way to feel vibrant, healthy and youthful naturally. I want you to experience that, and I want you to achieve health independence--freedom from the healthcare system, including freedom from me. Once you experience how amazing it feels to reverse illness and find the energy that you thought was lost forever, I hope that you will spread the word so that we can spread health far and wide. Let's discover health together!"

— Christina Bergstrom M.D. ABIHM

What is
functional medicine?

In functional medicine we look for underlying causes of disease rather than just treating the symptoms, so that you can truly heal.

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Why is
inflammation bad?

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to an injury. This normally helps the healing process but can be damaging when it becomes chronic. 

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the journey to functional medicine

Dr. Bergstrom talks about her journey from conventional medicine to functional medicine in an interview with Dr. Sara DeFrancesco. 

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Institute for Functional Medicine

Attending the IFM created a complete shift in my way of thinking about health and my understanding about how to apply the most up to date research in medicine today.

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After 50 years of problems with my stomach Dr. Bergstrom helped me figure out what the problem was. My stomach quit hurting all the time. I felt better and had more energy. She doesn’t give pills to cover up symptoms. She actually tries to solve the problem. [She is the] first doctor in 50 years who listened to my symptoms and put me in the right direction to resolve them. I am so grateful for her wonderful advice.
— Elizabeth