The Real Spring Cleaning: Detox

Day after day we are bombarded with toxins found in our air, water, food, beauty products, household cleaners, teflon plans, name it. Our bodies are systems that when at high functioning capacity can deal with these toxins. However, over time our body’s detox pathways start to get “clogged” and “overloaded” so they don’t function properly. Overloaded bodies can then become unbalanced because we are taking in more toxins than our bodies can process. Eventually we experience a toxic overload. The result ultimately being that we have opened the path for illness and disease. Detoxing periodically can help our bodies process the extra toxins and get us closer to equilibrium.


During the detoxification process, we often feel worse before getting better. You may experience detox symptoms such as skin breakouts, body aches, brain fog, fatigue, irritability, and cravings. This is due to the toxins leaving our fat cells and entering the bloodstream. Stick with it, and after detoxing is over with, you may feel a renewed sense of self and energy. Detoxes are best done when you won’t have any commitments that involve eating out.  That can be especially hard this time of year as our social commitments get busier.  There are more bbq’s, cook outs, and picnics that ultimately will make any attempt at detoxing harder. It also helps to detox when you have a lower stress load. I know that is asking a lot but really you want to give yourself the best chance at getting through your detox as comfortably as possibly.  One thing we also really suggest to our clients is doing your detox early in the week. After the weekend is usually best as you will have a day or two before hand to prep.  


When you are experiencing those undesirable effects of detox, one important behavior to adapt is to focus on the positives. You make the choice where you place your attention. The phrase “What we focus on increases,” really speaks to us.  This is an important concept to experiment with as we are making positive changes during and after the detox. It is advantageous to take time to focus and revel in every good and beneficial choice, action and thought that we have - they will multiply and soon there simply will not be space for those actions and thoughts that are not moving us forward toward our health and happiness goals. 


If you are looking for more information on a successful detox join us at our Portland Juice Company event where we will be tasting Portland Juice Company's detox juices while receiving a more comprehensive guide to detoxing from our clinic.  Also we have some great detox resources on our site, like this great Bone Broth Recipe that is sure to please.