Introducing Melanie Burton: Health Coach

If you have spent any time with us here at Northwest Functional Medicine then you have probably been lucky enough to meet one of our health coaches Melanie Burton.  For many of our patients Melanie provides one on one guidance and support. 

Melanie grew up in Colorado and from a very early age knew that she really enjoyed living a healthy lifestyle.  As a child she enjoyed helping her parents out in the garden.  She was a busy child, participating in year round sports.  That love of an active lifestyle has followed Melanie into adulthood where she loves getting out on weekend backpacking trips.


Melanie studied to be a pharmacist her first year in college.  The whole concept of "magic pill thinking" did not settle right with Melanie.  The idea that health came through a pill rather than natural choices just did not resonate her and so she changed programs.  Melanie changed programs to Health and Human Performance with an emphasis in Community Health Education and Psychology. Through this course of study she was able to pursue her passion about health prevention/education and the study of human behavior. 


During college Melanie volunteered with several health programs focusing on health prevention and education.  She was a Certified Peer Health Educator for the campus health center.  Melanie educated peers on healthy lifestyles through campus wide health awareness campaigns and individualized health coaching and lifestyle wellness programs.  This experience with the campus health center really started Melanie on her path to Northwest Functional Medicine.   Melanie also had the incredible opportunity to travel to a rural community in Uganda.  She combined two of her passions health and travel. During her time in Uganda she initiated and maintained several health prevention initiatives to improve local’s lives.  

Melanie now combines her experiences building comprehensive health programs and her training with the Institute of Functional Medicine to help guide our patients on the path to a full and healthy lifestyle.  Melanie is a vast resource I can only hope you get the opportunity to work with soon.