Finding Dr. Bergstrom was a fortuitous accident. [Working with her] my healthcare was not just about drugs. My healthcare was about total life, my diet, sleep, stress, chiropractic and massage.

In the past year my weight has dropped by 50 pounds. My knees hurt less. The number of medications I take has dropped from around 12 to only 6. My pants size has gone from 50 to 42. My A1C is [down to] 6.1. My digestive issues have cleared up. I had suffered from either diarrhea or constipation for over 20 years. I have a lifting of brain fog and an increase of energy.

Functional Medicine deals with the ongoing health and function of my body and every system within it.
— Sherri

Our approach

Functional medicine is about finding the true cause of illness so that we can treat the cause and cure the illness. To help you do this we use your personal story, state­-of-­the-­art lab testing and a team approach to help you achieve the optimum health you deserve.

Each patient’s journey begins with a nutrition program and customized supplements to get to the root of your problem. Together, we work on movement medicine and creating a healthy environment. As we create a program for your body to heal we teach you, every step of the way, how to apply these principles to yourselves and others for a lifetime.

Our mission is to light a path for you. We guide you and show you the steps. We provide you with tools and knowledge.

As we work together, you will find a newer healthier you. But even better, you will receive an education that will benefit you and your family for years to come. We want to give you your independence from medicines, from doctors and even from us.

Let me let you in on a little secret. I have another goal. I want to spread the word far and wide that there is a way to feel vibrant and youthful naturally. Once you know how amazing it feels to reverse illness and find energy that you thought was lost forever I hope that you will want to share what you have learned and help others too.