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Today we had an in-class training session with Jessica Wilkins. If you'd like to work with Jessica, she offers 1:1 personal training, semi-private and group training. Contact her for more information. 

Personal Training

Jessica Wilkins, MSN, BS, CPT

(303) 817-1705




Here are some important take-aways from our fitness class:


Two most important things regarding exercise:

  • Exercise as movement

    • Pairing exercise/movement with something you already do

    • Making a habit out of it

    • All or nothing

    • Helps motivates us to stick with our other goals:

    • Move each part of body

  • Strength training

    • most important for hormone balancing

    • Increases insulin sensitivity - very important for diabetes

    • Increased growth hormone - more vitality, magical anti aging hormone

    • Increases muscle mass increases metabolism

    • Won’t affect cortisol as much as cardio

    • 5 minutes of weight training is triple of what you can do cardio wise

    • Still has cardiovascular effect

    • Proper form #1

    • More is not better



  • Helps to assimilate nutrients

  • Eliminate waste

  • Enhances immune function



  • Absorption of nutrients

  • Helps regulate insulin response



  • Improves will power and ability to stick to other goals

  • Improves mood

    • Great antidepressant

  • Decreases anxiety

    • Walking 15 min/day has better results than antidepressants

  • Helps sleep

  • Increases level of endorphins - natural opiates produced by the brain

  • Improves thinking and mental clarity

  • Prevents dementia  

    • Insulin response



  • Sweat - way for detoxification - Moving the body creates the conditions for the body to breathe, stretch, circulate and sweat

  • eliminate metabolic waste by moving your lymphatic system and pushing toxins out of your body